Learn to Speak English with a Clear British Accent


English is the most widely-spoken language on the earth, and is taught as a second language in many parts of the world in order to help individuals boost their life and career prospects.

However, what if you speak English but you are often misunderstood or asked to repeat yourself? Or you are tired of being associated with a certain dialect? If either of these is true in your case, then this course will help you greatly!

Learn to Speak English with a Clear British Accent is designed to help you more easily identify the sounds made in an authentic English accent from Great Britain. This training will help with foreign accent reduction. Full explanations are given to help you grasp both the simple and complex consonant and vowel sounds, as well as a number of exercises to help you practice. Quizzes and additional resources will help make the learning fun and instill the information in your memory.

Unlike many pronunciation courses, this course does not require you to remember lots of strange symbols that require you to consult a dictionary every time you see a new word. Rather it uses an intuitive combined-letter learning system to help you to grasp the basic rules of pronunciation.

A unique section will help you to eliminate common errors in pronouncing British English, particularly for learners from India, Japan, Spanish-speaking countries, and even USA, including how to correctly pronounce the tricky letter R in different settings.

To ensure that you are fully satisfied with the course, each purchase comes with a free 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don't find the course useful, you will be refunded 100% of the purchase price! In addition, the course will be regularly updated with additional material to assist you.

So far over 700 people have used this unique method and seen the benefits. Please read the reviews to see comments on how this course has helped English speakers from all over the globe to improve their British accent.

I feel confident that this course will help you too, and really hope that we can take the journey together towards a better, clearer British English accent!

Who this course is for:

Anyone who is tired of having to repeat themselves when speaking English

Anyone who wants to integrate better in an English speaking country

A performer who wants to broaden their versatility

A non-native English speaker who wants to improve their career prospects

What will you learn
  • Speak with a clear British accent

  • Have a conversation without having to repeat yourself

  • Gain the respect of those you speak to

  • Greatly increase your career prospects and work options

  • Be able to understand and speak English to some level


  • 63 Lessons
  • 00:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction
  • What is a British Accent
  • Spelling Vs Punctuation
  • Introduction to Consonant sounds
  • F and V
  • B, M and P
  • Introduction to Vowel sounds
  • Short - A
  • Short - E
  • Short - I
  • Short - O
  • Short - U
  • L and N
  • Z and S
  • H, W and Y
  • Sh
  • Th x 2
  • R
  • NG
  • J and Ch
  • Combined Consonants
  • Silent Consonants
  • Introduction to Common Mistakes
  • BV
  • LR
  • TH
  • VW
  • DT
  • JY
  • R Twang
  • Long - OO
  • Long - EE
  • Long - A
  • Long - OR
  • Long - ER
  • Combined - A_E
  • Combined - I_E
  • Combined - O_E
  • Combined - U_E
  • Combined - AIR
  • Combined - OI
  • Combined - OW
  • Combined - EAR
  • Introduction to Exercises
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4
  • Exercise 5
  • Exercise 6
  • Exercise 7
  • Exercise 8
  • Exercise 9
  • Exercise 10
  • Exercise 11
  • Exercise 12
  • Exercise 13
  • Exercise 14
  • Exercise 15
  • Exercise 16
  • Exercise 17
  • Exercise 18
  • Congratulations!

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